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Where artists and people from Brussels meet each other on an equal footing

OMTA stands for Open Meeting Space for Temporary Art.

It’s a place for artists to do their thing.

And for you, as a visitor, to enjoy art and food, and connect with others.

Pendant ce temps-là, toi, tu discutes tranquillement avec d’autres personnes.

The art comes in all forms, from concerts and open-air cinema to theater performances and even embroidery evenings.


We believe in the unifying power of art in public areas. That’s why we bring it to our site at Abattoir. Art becomes an impulse for meetings between people who, for whatever reason, are yet to find their way to more classical cultureal sites.

In a nutshell

Meet each other through art. Art has the power to raise questions, get us thinking, and bring us together. We’ve brought this power to our meeting place in Kuregem where everyone is welcome.

With a delicious meal. Count on a satisfying bite to eat when we organize here: we feed your mind and your stomach. We also make sure there is a link between what’s on your plate and the work of the artist(s).

Not just art. Yes, art is welcome here in all its forms. But never exclusively. You should expect a mix of food, meetings and other ingredients. This way, a work of art becomes part of something greater and artistic practices are embedded in our daily reality.

Mixed audience. Among others, the OMTA audience consists of passers-by, interested residents from the neighborhood, our dreamteam and artists. And maybe you could be part of it too?


We believe in the unifying power of art in public areas. That’s why we bring it to our site at Abattoir. Art becomes an impulse for meetings between people who, for whatever reason, are yet to find their way to more classical cultureal sites.

Who’s it for?

Everyone. And espacially for any artist – or anyone with artistic ambitions – who has an idea and wants to work together with their neighborhood and the city.

Practical info

  • The artists we work with are searching for connection in their artistic practices. They’re prepared to actively enter into dialogue with everyone who makes the Abattoir a special place. Cooking together with our Dreamteam is part of the ecperience.
  • We can organize public events year round, from Monday to Thursday (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Evening activities (after 6 p.m.) run on Wednesday evenings from April to October. Cultural events are always paired with a healty meal from our DREAMKITCHEN.
  • Dropping by on a Wednesday afternoon? You’ll find KETMET up and running. It’s a special time when kids let themselves go in the gigantic public space that is the Abattoir – complete with full toy boxes and enthousiastic volunteer playworkers. The evening activities run by OMTA are an offshoot of KETMET.
  • Residencies are possible from October to April. As an artist, you’re welcome at our artists’ residency space for up to one month.
  • We share what we have: a lot of space – especially in the open air – in the middle of Brussels, plus a very diverse and curious audience, and ten years of local anchoring in a very specific neighborhood. Cultureghem is not a cultural center and therefore does not have an arts budget or technical support. And thus, we look for partnerships with cultural centres and artistis who want to invest in the public space. Together, we look to make events happen.

Are you an artist? Do you have a detailed proposal? Or a question?

Contact anne@cultureghem.be.

A place to meet and share where everyone is welcome.

A dozen actions and events to take back the streets of Brussels.

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Rue Ropsy Chaudron 24/48, 1070 Brussels

Rue Ropsy Chaudron 24/48, 1070 Brussels

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Our actions are split into three categories →

"Reclaiming public space with mutual aid and inclusiveness for a more human city"


Initiatives that bring
people closer


Recreate links
through art/culture.


Co-create without limits.


Be part of the change


Build relationships and opportunities


The biggest and most surprising playground
in Brussels.


Create a meeting and sharing space in your neighborhood.


Transform your
street for a day.


Healthy food that creates bond


The solidarity restaurant.


Take action against
food waste.


Discover new
through cooking.

There's always something going on here!

At Cultureghem there are events every week. Recurring actions you can always count on and many other cool events.

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Blog and news

A summer full of culture on Wednesday evenings!

With OMTA (Open Meeting Space for Temporary Art) Cultureghem supports art as a connecting factor in public space! From mid-June to mid-August you can join us every two weeks on Wednesday evening for a (free!) cultural activity!  Discover the full programme...

Let’s play at BRU’XL-ON TOUR and KETMET

BRU'XL-ON TOUR can be compared to a traveling company that activates public spaces in Brussels, where there are many children and young people. In these spaces, we organize colorful afternoon programmes.  All the children can join in and take part in workshops...

Cultureghem festival – SAVE THE DATE

Cultureghem is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! In 2012, the seed of our organization was sown with a mobile kitchen in the middle of a large covered market. 10 years later, we are lucky to have experimented, grown and cultivated the public space in many...

Join us and cook in the DREAMKITCHEN

Every week, from Monday to Thursday, we cook delicious vegetarian dishes with unsold vegetables from the market. We prepare vegetable burgers, falafels, couscous, bulgur and many other things. Do you want to come and discover all these recipes and learn how to make...

DREAMKITCHEN keeps you warm during winter season

Winter has arrived and that means low temperatures, but not in our DREAMKITCHEN!   DREAMKITCHEN and our fantastic DREAMTEAM are eager to keep you warm with the most delicious soup and with nutritious meals for the whole of Brussels and far beyond. In these...

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Rue Ropsy Chaudron 24,
1070 Anderlecht

+32 2 556 11 79


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Want to be part of the change?

Help create another way of living together and show the way to a more human and sustainable future in the city!


Become a volunteer and put your talents to work for change and mutual aid in Brussels.

Join the

Co-creation actions


Co-create without limits.


Create a meeting and sharing space in your neighborhood.


your street
for a day.

partnership and sponsorship

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Nos activités sont réparties en trois catégories →

Toutes les activités présentes sur ta droite on la même vision :
Se réappropriant l’espace publique avec entraide et inclusivité afin de créer une ville plus humaine.


Les initiatives qui rapprochent.


Recréer des liens à travers l’art/culture.


Co-créer sans limites.


Fais Partie du changement.


Créer du lien et des opportunités.

La plus grande et surprenante pleine de jeux de Bruxelles.


Crée un espace de rencontre et partage dans ton quartier.


Transforme ta rue pour une journée.


Nourriture durable qui créer du lien.

Le resto où tu peux passer de cuisinier à serveur à client.


Prends action
contre le gaspillage alimentaire.


Découvre d’autres perspectives à
travers la cuisine