A mobile playing, cooking and meeting place

Toy boxes that are filled to the brim with things to play with.

And kitchens with everything you need to make pancakes, milkshakes and smoothies (or even a full meal!)

They’re here with us in Kuregem, but say the word and they’ll be on their way to you.

We’ll send everything you need to transform a place in your neighbourhood into a temporary playground, kitchen and meeting place!

In a nutshell

Mobile kitchens. In the blink of an eye, we transform any place into a large, open kitchen.

Enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal. Always made with love.

A place where everyone is welcome. Welcome to drop by, to participate, to taste, to eat, and to join us in thinking about how to make full use of our public spaces.

Mobile toy boxes filled with things to play with.


Manage a place in your neighbourhood. It might be a public space or a private place that you and your neighbours manage together. The chance to make a difference for your neighbourhood.

Meet people from your neighbourhood. Both residents and passers-by.

Enthusiastic volunteers. It makes no difference where you’re from or what language you speak; our team is so diverse that you’ll instantly feel welcome and want to be involved.


There are people who struggle to get to Culturgehem. And that means they’re unable to make the most of our toy boxes and kitchens. As such, we come to you, to help you and your neighbours discover the possibilities in your own neighbourhood.

Who’s it for?


    Practical info

    Questions? Email them to william@cultureghem.be.

    Een plek om elkaar te ontmoeten en met elkaar te delen waar iedereen welkom is.

    Tal van acties en evenementen om de straten van Brussel terug op te eisen. 

    Weet je niet waar je heen moet? ⬇



    Het team

    onze acties

    Rue Ropsy Chaudron 24,
    1070 Anderlecht

    Een Vraag?

    12 + 13 =

    Our actions are split into three categories →

    "Reclaiming public space with mutual aid and inclusiveness for a more human city"


    Initiatives that bring people closer


    Recreate links
    through art/culture.


    Co-create without limits.


    Be part of the change


    Build relationships and opportunities


    The biggest and most surprising
    playground in Brussels.

    Create a meeting and sharing
    space in your neighborhood.

    Transform your
    street for a day.


    Healthy food that creates bond


    The solidarity restaurant.


    Take action against
    food waste.


    Discover new perspectives
    through cooking.

    There's always something going on here!

    At Cultureghem there are events every week. Recurring actions you can always count on and many other cool events.

    Upcoming events

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    Blog and news

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    Nos activités sont réparties en trois catégories →

    Toutes les activités présentes sur ta droite on la même vision :
    Se réappropriant l’espace publique avec entraide et inclusivité afin de créer une ville plus humaine.


    Les initiatives qui rapprochent.


    Recréer des liens à travers l’art/culture.


    Co-créer sans limites.


    Fais Partie du changement.


    Créer du lien et des opportunités.

    La plus grande et surprenante pleine de jeux de Bruxelles.


    Crée un espace de rencontre et partage dans ton quartier.


    Transforme ta rue pour une journée.


    Nourriture durable qui créer du lien.

    Le resto où tu peux passer de cuisinier à serveur à client.


    Prends action
    contre le gaspillage alimentaire.


    Découvre d’autres perspectives à
    travers la cuisine