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Let’s play at BRU’XL-ON TOUR and KETMET

BRU’XL-ON TOUR can be compared to a traveling company that activates public spaces in Brussels, where there are many children and young people. In these spaces, we organize colorful afternoon programmes.  All the children can join in and take part in workshops and activities where they can be completely themselves.

The workshops take place around a central stage on which presentation moments of all disciplines are held: circus, sports, games, technology and science are demonstrated. The whole event is animated by the MCs and the steaming kitchen of our chef de cuisine.

During BRU’XL activities, our KETMET will just continue as usual! Come and play with our playboxes and animators every Wednesday under the covered market of Abattoir. 

We’ll keep you posted on Facebook and Instagram! You can also find the full programme on the website of BRU’XL-ON TOUR.

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