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Enjoy DREAMKITCHEN terrace!

The terraces reopen and our DREAMKITCHEN expands. Our DREAMKITCHEN used to welcome you from Monday to Thursday for a delicious vegetarian take-away lunch, based on the unsold fruits and vegetables from the market.

Now there’s no need to take it away and you can enjoy it on the biggest terrace in Brussels! So don’t hesitate to come to Abattoir and enjoy this open air space. If you don’t feel like staying or don’t have time, don’t worry, the take-away option is still possible. And if you take your reusable container, the planet will thank you too!

In addition to our fantastic DREAMKITCHEN, there is also the accompanying “BARATTOIR” bar, every Wednesday, where you can enjoy a beer, wine, homemade juice, … at a democratic price. On Wednesday, it’s also possible to book a table with this link.

Would you like to help out in the kitchen? That’s possible too. Contact for more information.


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