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OMTA – Open Meeting Space for Temporary Art

We believe in the magic, the beauty and the connecting power of the arts. That is why in the coming years we want to turn the cultural wasteland of the Abattoir into an open meeting place for everyone, including artists! With OMTA (Open Meeting Space for Temporary Art) we formalize our will to transform our site into an open meeting space for (temporary) arts: a place where the casual passer-by can be touched and questioned by the power of the arts! 

In doing so, we want to remain true to our role in the city: Brussels has an exceptionally large, diverse and high-quality cultural offer. Cultureghem does not want to become an extra cultural venue. We want to focus on what we do best: connection, accessibility and participation! Inviting artists, providing them with a framework, supporting them financially and in terms of production to create projects that question the world and the city: that is the role of our art houses, cultural centres and community centres. That is why we launch an OPEN CALL to the arts field to create a win-win situation together! 


In the summer of 2021 we want to show what our fantastic site has to offer in terms of the arts: we will temporarily transform the covered market into a concert hall, an open-air cinema, a seminar room or an exhibition space. We are testing the first partnerships and laying the foundation stone of OMTA.

Keep an eye on our website in the course of June for the full programme!

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