In these harsh corona times we need food, but also beauty and food for our minds. That’s why this summer we initiated the RECUP’ART project, where we asked artists to share their work with us in order to add them to our food parcels.

Over the course of the autumn, we received more than 440 works of art from 28 different artists from all over Europe! These works were distributed to more than 170 families and our fantastic volunteer team on Monday 7 December. After picking up a food parcel, people could also take home an artistic surprise!

We distributed drawings, collages, DIY kits for children, original photo prints, etc. Through a number of questions about their ideas about art, we tried to “match” people with a specific work of art. All the works were wrapped up – and so the work you brought along remained a nice end-of-year surprise!  Through this initiative we hope to bring some beauty and inspiration into the living rooms of people for whom access to art is not self-evident!

We invite everyone to enter into a virtual dialogue with us and the artists about the work they received via Slack!

RECUP’ART has been made possible thanks to the support of the European Cultural Foundation and Elke Roex, Alderman for Culture, Youth and Society Building, Mayor Fabrice Cumps and the College of Aldermen of the municipality of Anderlecht.

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