In times when markets are disappearing, food surpluses are scarce and people have to stay in their rooms, we bring healthy food to people’s homes.


The last few weeks have been special for everyone. Besides KOOKMET and KETMET, we also saw the largest market in Brussels temporarily disappear. This means that COLLECTMET cannot count on its leftovers in the coming weeks. 


That’s why we are joining forces to set up an alternative. With the financial support of the King Baudouin Foundation we are launching: COLLECTMET DELIVERIES. A collaboration with Samenlevingsopbouw Brussel, Buurtpensioen, Bras Dessus Bras Dessous, WAQ Molenbeek and Cultureghem. In the coming weeks we will be organising an alternative food-sharing platform at Abattoir to provide some 600 people in particularly vulnerable situations with healthy food parcels every week. 


Besides food surpluses, we work with Abattoir’s merchants to provide fresh fruits and vegetables. We deliver by bike to families’ homes to keep contact to a minimum and rely on a network of volunteer drivers to make the larger deliveries. Over the next 8 weeks, we hope to deliver 33,000 daily servings of much-needed food.


Would you like to submit a project to the KBS yourself? That’s still possible. More info can be found here.

Do you want to roll up your sleeves or put your feet on the pedals? Let us know here:


In the meantime:


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