Cultureghem in Corona times

Dear friends,
The corona virus is forcing us to adjust our planning over the next few weeks. Therefore, all public activities
will be cancelled until April 3rd. To ensure the health of everyone who visits us, but also those who don’t
know us yet. And unfortunately at the moment the best way to do this is by seeing as little of each other as
We share the conviction of the open love letter our friends from Globe Aroma sent out. We too want to act
out of love and care, not out of fear. We are cautious together, but most of all we remain united.
And we like to join them, and all the people of Brussels, in looking for ways to break through social isolation
in a creative virtual way. Next week more about how we can meet each other from a distance!
KOOKMET, KETMET and all partner activities will be cancelled or postponed. KETMET KIckoff will also
unfortunately be cancelled, but we will contact all partners to have our big playparty take place at another
Because big brother ABATTOIR keeps organizing the (food) market we decided to keep organizing
COLLECTMET as well. Because we think that access to healthy food remains important for the many
people who rely on it. We do adapt the approach, apply strict hygiene regulations and ask all older
volunteers to stay at home. We are looking for solutions to also serve the people who don’t get here.
In concrete terms, we ask everyone to observe the following guidelines in the coming period:
● Wash your hands with soap every time you come to us, and every other time you think about it.
● Use paper wipes to blow your nose and then throw them away.
● Try not to touch each other. No hugs, no kisses. We’re going to miss the affection but we’re looking
for other ways to express our love.
● Keep at least a foot distance between yourself and other people.
● If you have to cough or sneeze, try to do it in your elbow.
● If you feel sick, especially if you have a fever, please stay in bed.
● If you feel your situation is getting worse, contact a doctor or the hospital, they will tell you what to
do. Let us know if we can help.
● If you don’t have access to health care, please let us know. No one should be alone or isolated.
We’ll try to help you.
For more precise and complete info on what to do we gladly direct you to the official channels:
Take good care of each other, we will keep you informed of all our planned meetings
(up close or from further away).
warm virtual hug
Team Cultureghem

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