Cultureghem 2.0

Cultureghem 2.0


November 2019 was particularly turbulent but also really interesting for Cultureghem. In addition to our regular activities, we went to Finland to be inspired by local partners there. We also went to the exotic Horebeke for our teambuilding week to reflect and recharge. Then Eva, founder of Cultureghem, left us to start in the cabinet of the Flemish Minister for Brussels in order to convert the lessons learned from recent years into policy. 

A whole package that forced us to rethink how we function. But I am very proud to introduce the Cultureghem team 2020 to you.


Catherine Claeys will take care of the financial affairs of Cultureghem even more than she already did, while Barbara Luypaert, who will join the team from February 2020, will be the Team Coach who will push the entire team to the next level. 

Sandra Issa, until recently the princess of our reception, will assist the cultural and artistic partners who come to us as the LOKET coordinator to ensure that they can realize their projects in the best conditions in close connection with the rest of our activities, the site and the neighborhood.

Victoria De Brabandere continues to guide COLLECTMET in the right direction and ensures that from April 2020 an open neighborhood kitchen will be added on Wednesday afternoon where there is time and space to experiment with food waste and share recipes. 


We will certainly not lack female power, but our men will also remain loyal to their jobs.

As Coach of the City, Cem Aydogan continues to share our mobile tools and recipes with the city and far beyond through concrete actions in (semi) public spaces. William Febiri continues to coach and strengthen our volunteer army as a Coach of the people and will continue to amaze our taste buds as a Master of the Food. And, last but not least, Philippe De Bont remains our Master of the Grounds and will ensure that KETMET and KOOKMET continue to evolve within the magical world that is Abattoir.


And I have not yet spoken about our loyal Dreamteam, our army of volunteers who continues to grow day after day and is increasingly demanding a more prominent place in our projects. They remain the basis of everything we do and that will be no different in 2020.


I proudly take up the challenge of leading Cultureghem and ensuring that our work remains relevant and continues to develop to the rhythm of Abattoir and the city. A challenge that I take with great love and pleasure to go with this team for the Cultureghem of the future.


Happy looking at the future and full of pride,


Yannick Roels 

Director Cultureghem

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