KASTROL is born!

KASTROL is born!

More than 6 years ago, we launched our project KOOKMET with the support of many Brussels residents. We built mobile kitchens and invited people from Brussels of all ages and their friends at the largest market in the capital to shop, cook and eat together.


3 years ago there was a meal at KOOKMET with representatives from the cultural centers and community centers from the Pajottenland and the Zenne valley.

They talked about their dream of having their own mobile kitchen to get started in a similar way in the outskirts of Brussels. Today she is there. Kastrol is born. And yes, it has become a multiple birth!


It was previously an elephant pregnancy, a path of trial and error.

But not without pride we introduce you to her today. Kastrol has become a firm trailer, secretly serving as an immense kitchen island, a storage cabinet and with 4 mobile smaller cooking elements,

Which can transform any public space into an open kitchen in no time.

An open neighborhood kitchen for everyone. Wherever you want. 


Kastrol is now completely in the hands of the cultural and community centers from the Pajottenland and the Zenne valley.

On Friday, August 30, she rolled swiftly across the Brussels hills to the Pajots valleys, straight in their arms. There she is ready to let people cook together and mix the Brussels herbs with the Flemish herbs into delicious, inviting scents.

We hope that she will soon win the hearts of all chefs. 



KASTROL 30/8/2019

Design: Yannick Roels for Cultureghem

Construction: Recyclart FABRIK


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