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Thank you DREAMTEAM!

by | Dec 1, 2021

It always starts on a Sunday: hands hunting, collecting, sorting forgotten and unsold vegetables; collecting with patience and good humour these precious discarded foods to give them a new life.

Then it’s the big dance in the kitchen: hands that peel, cut, wash, assemble, sprinkle as much love as spices in the delicious vegetarian dishes prepared 4 days a week under our roof in the covered market. There are also those who fill the colourful bowls with tasty soup every day. The ones who drop off and assemble the food parcels on Monday. The ones who play, draw, throw, box and guide the children in their Wednesday games and learning. 

And here, we are not even talking about all those feet dancing and jumping, forgetting the cold and the coming winter. All those hands patiently building the great dream of Cultureghem, all those hearts that make our pots go round and round, all those sunny smiles that brave the whims of our Brussels sky to recreate our oasis of human warmth every day, where everyone can create and find their place. 

For the more Cartesian among us, we could also ask ourselves: How many hands, feet and hearts are there behind the scenes at Cultureghem? And what do we do with all this joyful energy? 

TADAAAA…and here are some answers that may well take your breath away: 

  • Since the beginning of the year, Cultureghem has shared 12,969 hours of voluntary work. That’s as long as it takes to walk around the world.
  • Our volunteer champion alone has accumulated 600 volunteer hours! That’s like watching all the World Cup matches 6 times.

This precious time given to Cultureghem allows us to 

  • welcome 450 children per month, the equivalent of 41 football teams.
  • prepare 200 litres of soup per week, the equivalent of a good hot bath filled to the brim. 
  • collect 15,000 kg of unsold vegetables and fruit per month, or 4 Asian elephants.

So, for all of this, we are proud and happy to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our simply magical DREAMTEAM, and to dedicate them this poem written by Maud Vanhauwaert, in collaboration with the Festival Les Voix en Ville 2021.

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Rue Ropsy Chaudron 24/48, 1070 Brussels

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A summer full of culture on Wednesday evenings!

With OMTA (Open Meeting Space for Temporary Art) Cultureghem supports art as a connecting factor in public space! From mid-June to mid-August you can join us every two weeks on Wednesday evening for a (free!) cultural activity!  Discover the full programme...

Let’s play at BRU’XL-ON TOUR and KETMET

BRU'XL-ON TOUR can be compared to a traveling company that activates public spaces in Brussels, where there are many children and young people. In these spaces, we organize colorful afternoon programmes.  All the children can join in and take part in workshops...

Cultureghem festival – SAVE THE DATE

Cultureghem is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! In 2012, the seed of our organization was sown with a mobile kitchen in the middle of a large covered market. 10 years later, we are lucky to have experimented, grown and cultivated the public space in many...

Join us and cook in the DREAMKITCHEN

Every week, from Monday to Thursday, we cook delicious vegetarian dishes with unsold vegetables from the market. We prepare vegetable burgers, falafels, couscous, bulgur and many other things. Do you want to come and discover all these recipes and learn how to make...

DREAMKITCHEN keeps you warm during winter season

Winter has arrived and that means low temperatures, but not in our DREAMKITCHEN!   DREAMKITCHEN and our fantastic DREAMTEAM are eager to keep you warm with the most delicious soup and with nutritious meals for the whole of Brussels and far beyond. In these...

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