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Kuregem has 170 different nationalities. Diversity, hyperdiversity, superdiversity: these are terms that we describe as 'ordinary'. We choose to connect people, regardless of origin or cultural background, through their daily needs: play and food. Our originality lies in its simplicity.
Our workplace, a few steps away from the Grote Markt, got the last few years a reputation of a NO GO ZONE. Together with NV Abattoir, our partners and the city itself, we turn this place into a MUST GO ZONE !
The 10,000 sqm of Abattoir in Anderlecht welcomes 100 000 people every week during the various markets. Cultureghem uses the potential of this bustling meeting place and is working on a creative and enterprising MUST-GO-ZONE in the Brussels-Capital Region.
Cultureghem is in a quest for a more meaningful shared public space.
A classroom, a playground, a football field, a kitchen, an exhibition, a city library, ... as many spaces for as many uses and users in the city
Our lab keeps on searching for new places and wants to explore new ways on how to make the city more attractive.
Want to know if we can come to your area, please contact us here.