The need for speed is back. We halen al onze wieltjes terug buiten. De steps, driewielers
en fietsen! Parcours, chrono’s en scherpe bochten! Leren fietsen of bochtentechniek
verfijnen? Zelf een wagen bouwen in onze garage of de toptijd neerzetten en gaan voor
eeuwige glorie? Het kan allemaal.
Le besoin de vitesse est de retour. Nous sortons toutes nos roues dehors. Les trottinettes,

Every Wednesday, Cultureghem vzw  opens its pop-restaurant BARATTOIR from 12 to 2 pm.
We serve vegetarian food prepared with the unsold fruits and vegetables collected by COLLECTMET from the ABATTOIR market.
We host between 100 to 1000 people who come to eat or play all afternoon during our KETMET event. 

Dear friend of Cultureghem,
You don't have to go far to travel during the summer months, because in Kuregem the world comes to you: a little exotic, always adventurous, warm and at the same time 100% BXL.
Cultureghem also serves a “holiday menu” on the largest covered playground in Brussels in July and August. With a mix of healthy food + games and every Wednesday from 12 to 4 pm - is KETMET ready to take you to very close far away places.

This Wednesday June 5 you can enjoy a special BARATTOIR ON THE ROOFTOP!
While a Brussels movie is in the making under the covered market.
Thanks to KETMET you can visit the film set and see the stunts of poloice dogs right from the front seats!
BEAM will also be on the site with a film workshop. They will teach you how to make a film with your smartphone.
And because it is never enough, we will also have the final presentation of Chocomousse in the basement (Access nr 3).

The Northern Neighborhood in Brussels is an incredible mix of people who all have their unique stories, opinions, ideas and wishes for their neighborhood.
Let's share them!
During the first two weeks of June (June 1- 15, 2019) people, groups, initiatives and organisations in North Brussels and around will share their activities with families, friends, neighbours and everyone.
From June 1st till June 15, 2019 you will find us in North Brussels with:

What if..
Bruegel lived in 2019 and created today his iconic work CHILDREN'S GAMES? 
On may 29 we look together for the answer to this question.
On that day, we will create during KETMET our own version of CHILDREN'S GAMES.
Totally 2019 and 100% BRUSSELS.
from 12 tot 4pm you can come along with your group or team to take your place in this new masterwork.

Our favorite tool for bringing people together
With healthy, affordable food and some very funky mobile kitchens, we are rebuilding the most attractive pop-up restaurant in town every week.
We work with the most diverse organizations, invite market visitors to our table,
bring Brussels and Flemish classes in touch with each other and show the city as it is.
Do you want to shop, cook and eat with your class, group or team at KOOKMET?
Or would you rather come and discover our cooking workshop on Monday KOOKMET RECUP?

The new KETMET season  has  begun .
You can come every Wednesday afternoon from 12h to 16h to play, cook, build, dance and much more!
KETMET is here until the end of October. Participation is totally free.
We start at 12 o'clock at the Barattoir, where we serve everyone a tasty, healthy and cheap meal.
Our volunteers prepare weekly a creative menu, consisting of unsold vegetables and fruit from the market.
A place to eat that has the GOODFOOD label and where there is room for everyone.

On Wednesday 3 April the 4th season of KETMET will start.
Throughout spring, summer and fall, we are transforming Abattoir into the largest covered playground in Brussels.
KETMET 2019 is happening again every Wednesday afternoon until the end of October with eating, playing and having fun together.
It's free and everyone is welcome!

Mobile Kitchens as a Social Tool
Eva De Baerdemaeker, Suraia Abud, and Yannick Roels have created different mobile kitchens together, promoting intercultural links using food as a tool for social research.
Cocinar Madrid, Cocinar Uruguay and KOOKMET BXL are boiling projects to investigate what is cooked different food cultures in our cities.
They invite people from different backgrounds (be it age, gender, religion, origin, …) to come together to share recipes, stories, condiments and tastes.