On Wednesday 3 April the 4th season of KETMET will start.
Throughout spring, summer and fall, we are transforming Abattoir into the largest covered playground in Brussels.
KETMET 2019 is happening again every Wednesday afternoon until the end of October with eating, playing and having fun together.
It's free and everyone is welcome!

Mobile Kitchens as a Social Tool
Eva De Baerdemaeker, Suraia Abud, and Yannick Roels have created different mobile kitchens together, promoting intercultural links using food as a tool for social research.
Cocinar Madrid, Cocinar Uruguay and KOOKMET BXL are boiling projects to investigate what is cooked different food cultures in our cities.
They invite people from different backgrounds (be it age, gender, religion, origin, …) to come together to share recipes, stories, condiments and tastes.