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COLLECTMET DELIVERIES shares food with people in need. And where food is essential we believe more is needed. To comfort people affected by the global crisis and to help struggling artists in these strange times, we are launching RECUP’ART : we invite all European artists to share their work and interact with a new audience, by adding their artworks to our food aid parcels. 
Thanks to the European Cultural Foundation’s Culture of Solidarity Fund, a production budget will be provided for artists and thanks to your art, we hope to provide comfort for the people who most need it.
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With the Global Covid-19 crisis, we at Cultureghem had to change our activity and quickly adapt to the new world situation and to people’s needs. With our project Collectmet, we normally collect unsold fruits and vegetables on the Abattoir market and then store them in a fridge. The next day, we share them with organizations and people in need. But with the current restrictions, the market access is restricted. So with the financial support of the King Baudouin Foundation we created: COLLECTMET DELIVERIES. In collaboration with Samenlevingsopbouw Brussel and many others we organised an alternative food-sharing platform at Abattoir to provide some 1200 people in particularly vulnerable situations with healthy food parcels every week(6 ton per week at the moment). We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to be able to continue to buy food as long as needed.

We recently started adding some cultural items to our food packages: games for children, some craft sets, a poem, etc. Because we believe that we need food for our bodies but also food for our minds, we are launching an open call to start recuperating Art along with food. The idea is to invite you artists to look in your basement, or archives, for forgotten small pieces of art that we invite you to share with the people. We will then spread your art with our food packages that we deliver weekly by bike to hundreds of people. 

The idea is to make art and culture accessible to all, especially those who normally have no access or too little access to art, culture and knowledge in general. Thanks to the European Culture of Solidarity Fund we will also provide the participating artists with a production budget or a compensation in exchange of donating your art or your art service. This project will be truly based on European solidarity: artists provide people in need with art and we provide artists with some financial support during those difficult times. 

Recup’ART is a project based on European solidarity. Our goal is to connect the European creative world with some of the most marginalized populations that we see everyday: undocumented people, those living in poverty, homeless, refugees, the people who are today the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic consequences. What we want to reinforce is that: WE ARE NOT ALONE. As European citizens living on the same continent, we have to come together and exchange our knowledge, ideas, cultures, structures and means to help each others by offering what we have: whether food, art, or simply appreciation. 
Through this artistic project, we want to reinforce this sense of common space that we have: The common cultural space that no borders can stop. Our proposal is necessary in the sense that it connects also the cultural world with the social sector. We are hoping this effort will also inspire similar actions across sectors and structures. Recup’ART will carry its European dimension by inviting all european artists to send their art by mail or email. Also, by communicating around our project we also hope to inspire similar actions in all Europe.  

Eligibility & Practical details:

-This call is open to all artists based in Europe
-What we are looking for: small artworks that would fit in our food aid parcel (max dimension 30x30x30cm). The artworks must be well packed to resist handling and transport by cargobike.
-Medium: all mediums welcome. Whether drawing, illustration, poetry, photography, prints, fanzine, comics, books, small objects, sculptures, multiples, etc...
-When making up your budget please include the cost for the Transport of your artwork
-Ship artwork to: 
Cultureghem vzw
Ropsy Chaudronstraat 24/48, 1070 Brussel
T.: (0)2 556 11 79 - F.: +32 (0)2 522 42 37
-Budget available for artists:  a maximum budget of 500 Euros per artwork/project including shipping cost
-The artist is responsible for insuring his artwork and to secure its shipment to our premises 
-Please bear in mind that when donating your artwork it becomes the sole property of Cultureghem and our public. 


Launching open call: July 1, 2020
Deadline to submit application: 30 july 2020
Selecting and replying to artists: 15 august 2020
Deadline for receiving artworks: 02 September 2020 
Sharing the art: until 30 October or when all artworks have been shared

Submission details:
-To submit your work for this project, please fill this google form 
-Deadline: 30 July 2020