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Collectmet Deliveries. Growfunding reaches 10,320 €, thank you all!

Thank you so much to all of you! So much financial and warm support gives us a huge energy boost. Thanks to the support of our growfunders we reached more than the hoped € 10,000. Thanks to this support and that of KBS, we were able to start COLLECTMET Deliveries. Thanks to many messages, drawings and thanks on site, we knew that our deliveries were appreciated. Many thanks for all that support! It gives us the strength to keep our project going . 
The past few weeks have showed us how difficult access to healthy food is for many people in this city. We still need support to maintain COLLECTMET Deliveries as an important lifeline for the many people and organizations with whom we share fruit and vegetables every week. So don't hesitate to support us. 
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Roll up your own sleeves or put your feet on the pedals? Let us know here:
Would you like to submit a project to the KBS yourself? That is still possible. More information can be found here: COVID-19 people in poverty
In the meantime:
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