Cultureghem is built together!


Cultureghem is not just 8 employees, but hundreds of volunteers. Without them our projects would never happen. Being a volunteer at Cultureghem does not mean having a certain profile and is very seldom on a pre-defined task. Discover our wonderful team here.

Do you have cool ideas for activities with children? Do you like good healthy and original food? You just want to help a little during KOOKMET? Are you practical, socially or numerically strong? Do you want to help with KETMET or COLLECTMET? Looking for a space for an activity?

Young or old, near or far, everyone is welcome!

Because we are all Cultureghem.

Cultureghem is not a finished product.

Cultureghem is built every day, reinvented, transformed, always different, always searching.  

Become a volunteer here and be part of the adventure!