You are currently viewing  #NarcissusMeetsPandora in action!

 #NarcissusMeetsPandora in action!

For the past year and a half, Cultureghem has been committed to the European Erasmus+ project #Narcissusmeetspandora, an innovative partnership using digital technologies as a tool to engage young people critically and socially in the content of social media.

Together with our European partners, we have exchanged views and thoughts about developing a Toolkit and Educator’s Guide for youth workers and educators to work on media literacy of young people, based on surveys and experiments in the field.

Cultureghem is developing an installation for the public space that will allow young people to critically examine how they are portrayed in social media. The installation will be finalized this summer and included in the project’s online tools and will also be exhibited at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens! 

Interested? Come to Abattoir on Wednesday 29 June at 4.30pm and test our workshops live. Discover how images shape our world every day! 

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