You are currently viewing KOOKMET subscriptions school year 2022-23

KOOKMET subscriptions school year 2022-23

The end of the school year is approaching and at Cultureghem that also means looking forward to KOOKMET for the next school year! Registrations for 2022-23 have already started and we are pleased to see that many of you are once again very interested!

KOOKMET is cooking together in the open air in the heart of Brussels, a dynamic meeting place where everyone is welcome, developing social skills, building self-confidence and discovering one’s talents, learning about sustainable and seasonal food … and much more!

You can register for the school year 22-232 through this application form in French or in Dutch

You can choose between two options:

KOOKMET Classic on Friday : at KOOKMET Classic you will be immersed in the atmosphere of Brussels’ biggest market and cook a delicious menu together, on our mobile kitchens. From the school year 22-23 onwards, KOOKMET Classic will be reshaped and we will have a tailor-made educational offer for every age group.

KOOKMET Recup on Monday : from the school year 22-23 onwards, KOOKMET Recup will be transformed into a workshop with an even greater focus on food waste, food aid and public space. It is ideal for youngsters from 4th grade of secondary onwards, and higher education – but of course, younger groups are very welcome too! We cook at the DREAMKITCHEN, get to know COLLECTMET and make sure everyone feels welcome in public space.

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